Sunday, 11 January 2009

A man without vision is a man without creativity……

Creativity is manifested everywhere we look. The dawn of mankind as we know it today is subject to thousands of years of creativity. Think, ‘we wake up in a bed created by someone, we brush out teeth using a toothbrush created by someone, we wash using either a shower or bath created by someone…’ everything we do and touch has been influenced by creativity. Without creativity progression cannot take place. But what is creativity and how do you get it?

Well you can get creativity by sending me a cheque for £50, well if only. Truth is, we all have creativity. The question to be asked is ‘How do I unleash my creativity?’ Since the moment we start to formulate ideas within our head, we are given the ability to be creative. A child playing with Lego is just as creative as a highly renowned artist. What a child can do with Lego or anything in fact is considered to be creative. Playing adventurous make shift game such as Cowboys and Indians and being able to create an imaginary friend is all part of a creative process. It is what we do and who influences us that change our perception of creativity. Anyone can paint, draw, illustrate and invent but it takes for someone with talent to be able to recognize what sells and what doesn’t. An artist is a person who can instill life within their creation and present it to an audience whether it is sound, visual, and tasteful or something that can be touched. I have had friends in the past that cannot draw or paint but have been able to create characters and worlds, the only difference is the way they convey these worlds. Anyone can draw since drawing can be seen as moving a pencil on paper to cause it to create a picture of some sort, same goes for painting, singing, acting and so on. In the world today, creativity is used to sell. Not necessarily to do with money but it can range from inspiring, motivating, creating emotion and generally whatever majorities of people take from it.

A scientist, programmer, engineer, and even an evil genius can be considered to be creative people. The only difference is the creative fields. The word, “artist” usually describes a person that can paint, draw or sculpt, but it is also a person who can sing, perform and write. The thing with creativity is that everyone can learn how to be creative within the different fields, its just some people have the talent for it and learn a lot faster therefore they are able to become musicians, sculptors and artists. With other people, they tend to follow different paths due to their upbringing and influences and this allows them to be creative within fields that are not considered to be creative e.g. becoming a businessman. A businessman is creative within the financial field and is able to understand how to create a business empire.

Within the Game Design field, every single part of a game is part of an individual’s creativity. Generally majority of the creative part is nurtured and directed towards a final outcome but it is still considered an individuals personal work. The sounds, visuals and storyline are all part of people’s creativity. It goes for everything in the entertainment industry. For me personally I would like to be recognized for the creative work that I have produced since I hope to become an artist. For artists, I believe the recognition and appreciation are most important above the selling aspect. As for what creativity is? I believe the answer is, it is everything that is manifested and stimulates the five senses (touch, hear, see, smell and taste). How do you get it? (Well other than giving me a cheque) I believe it is instilled within all of us and simply needs to be nurtured and developed towards the right field and interests.

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