Saturday, 3 September 2011

CAP Concepts

Right, the concepting stage is finally complete. May have to do something for the lower half and sheild of his. Figured I better concentrate on the modelling and not fuss about concepting.

Friday, 2 September 2011


Bout time i actually started one of these. I know its a little late to join giving myself a month to completion but i have faith that i can get it all done. I was struggling for a few days coming up with an original idea for an iconic figure and finally came to captain america. I have been a fan of captain america for a while but never really enjoyed some of the comics. I always had an issue with his weapons, that being a sheild. To me captain america doesn't work in modern day warfare, a huge man running around with a sheild using it as a frisbee doesn't seem powerfull. Sure its an indestructable sheild and it does do some damage once thrown but when it comes to the flow of battle, i dont think anyone wants to play go fetch with it. It would make more sense on a character like magneto, one that controls metal. Just picture magneto floating on a shield like the chief in astrix and obelix.

Anyways, digressing a bit...I figured i would like to see a version of america using a different sort of weapon. i stumbled across the idea of having a force field/ plasma shield in one hand. Similar to the bio tool in mass effect. He could still retain the sheild, but also use plasma energy as a primary weapon. Using the sheild he could fire disks of plasma at his enemies thus removing the go fetch senario.
With this in mind, i have started concepting ideas for suits and sheilds so keep an eye out for them.

This is the reference sheet i am using for the concept process along with a sculpt i have done to get into the swing of things.