Sunday, 16 January 2011

Final Shelby

Finally completed, sorted out some of the issues regarding the last post. I felt that the car looked a little too dirty in certain areas and the specular wasn't even all round like it should be. Also the destroyed version of the vehicle is fully textured.

Damaged Version

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Vehicle Project

As part of the second project for last term, i decided to create the Shelby 1967 gt500 aka. "Eleanor". The brief was to create a 9000 tri vehicle in both damaged and normal state. Here's a quick render of the normal version of the vehicle.

Rooftop Assets 2

Here are the next set of assets for the level;

Rooftop Assets

Last term i had a project to make a rooftop level within UDK engine, the level is complete except for the final touches. I can safely say that for the time being i have had enough of looking at air conditioning units and trying to find which ones look more interesting (even if that is possible). Here are the first set of assets;