Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Fear for the Mist that shrouds our judgement…

I woke earlier this morning (well if you call 11am early morning) to find myself getting ready for the first Wednesday lecture and seminar of this year. The alarm went of at 10.45, at which point I immediately hit snooze. Don’t you just love to set the alarm a little earlier than expected so that you can hit snooze and feel as if you got extra sleep. I fought my way out of bed to find the room warm for once. I stumbled over to the window like a mindless zombie only to hope for a ray of sunlight despite it being England and January. I pulled back the curtain and was surprised. It wasn’t sunny but heavily covered in a blanket of Mist, seeing as I’m on the fifth floor the fog outside covered the rooftops and made it look even worse. I got ready and headed of to my Seminar only to find that I had to wait an extra 20 minutes. The seminar motivated me to do better work than I’m doing right now. As of now I am making a timetable so that I can get some more work done. I find that after being on a gap year with a timetable floating around and changing every second, my time management has been a little bit more relaxed. But, anyway onto the topic of this blog.

The lecture for this week beginning was on the Stephen King movie, The Mist, queue the irony (it being misty for real if you didn’t get it). Our lectures are varied and for certain weeks we watch movies to relax and most importantly to gain some form of inspiration. It also allows us to look and analyze good movies. The Mist is a good movie, the acting is average and plot is simple to begin with. Its what you would expect from a normal horror movie, except since its Stephen King, the story starts to take a turn for the even worse.

It shows how human beings change when tested using fear and survival. Majority of the characters are stable at the beginning of the film and have their individual opinions until they are forced to choose a side with the person who offers them the best plan of survival. On the right, the main character trying to save his son and escape the supermarket they are all stuck in. On the Left, the insane religious person who believes they should all pay the price of blood for their sins against God. I don’t want to go into the film much, since its best to be watched and I can’t be bothered to fill out a Plot Spoiler warning. The main topic I wanted to approach was the fact that I find watching films such as The Mist more frightening (well what you would expect from a horror movie before you realise that everything is just puppets and CGI) since the direction of horror is suggestive and left mysterious. There is no real explanation for what the creatures are and why they are there, but we just know they are in the Mist. I feared for the characters each time they decided to go into the mist. I don’t usually get into a horror movie this much but found that due to this style of direction, it drew the audience into the action and made it as if it was really happening to them as well. The movie made it for me at the End, if you haven’t seen it you will probably not see what’s to come. Rarely movie’s end in the way this one did and the emotions felt by the audience are out of the norm.

Back to the irony, don’t you just find that on certain days there is a constant running theme to your day? Its odd but it makes it seem as if everything was planned and meant to happen. I’m sure there have been moments of either repetition in your day or Déjà Vu. Anyway I think I’m now going to avoid any kind of fog approaching, that’s if I can escape it………..

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