Friday, 26 June 2009

Summer Project!!!

Well, it's been a while since I've posted anything here. Well since my last post, I decided to put Deadpool on hold since I want to re-do the head that I created in 3DS Max. The Z-Brush model I'm happy with, but the 3DS Max model needs better topology. Since then I decided to start my Summer Project. Over the past weeks I spent alot of time researching steam punks to better my understanding of how to make a realistic characeter. I started by watching several films such as Wild Wild West, SteamBoy, Gangs of New York and Doomsday. The films have helped with several ideas of how I could possibly go with my character. I gathered as much information on Steam Punks off the internet to also help with finding stereotypes that would allow an audience to place the character I create. After researching I started to look at designing the character in-depth, I started with drawings of what his head would look like and and accessories he might have. The sheet below is a chart to see what kind of steampunk I want to go with. For the moment I have decided to go with 3 along with elements from 4,5,7. I am still not sure if I should give him a top hat.

There are still two more sheets to come as soon as I finish the final touches to them. I have a weapons page and clothing page to go, hopefully i can start modelling the character within a week or two.