Friday, 22 May 2009

Deadpool Work

Well I've been working on this model for a bit. It's been interesting seeing as its based off a comic book design. I was trying to get it to look as realistic as possible but still with the comic feel.

This is the head of the character with colours added (NO TEXTURES AT THE MOMENT) in render view.

The wire frame version with statistics...

And finally the Z-brush version. This was my first time using Z-Brush so no doubt there will be mistakes I may have made and ways to improve my technique but I am pleased with the result.

I was going for a realistic movie kind of feel for the Z-Brush model. Will get them both textured and mite do the body for the 3DS MAX version. Will keep you posted on progress. Crits are fully accepted.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Still Alive.....i think?

Well despite it being late at night or very early in the morning, I decided to get back on track with my blogs. Recently, I have had nothing really to do and have resulted in playing lots of video games and watching films. Along with going out as well. I know most of you will be thinking that there can be stuff that I could be getting on with other than trying to entertain myself during the day. After overcoming the joy of unlocking all the special weapons on Resi 5 over a fortnight ago...I decided to finally get on with some work. Last week I finalized my plans for the summer project and now have a idea of what to do.

I want to try and make this feel like a proper project and therefore once I start in a few weeks, I will start with sketches to generate ideas followed by a full working of a final concept and final 3D model of what was expected. For the project, I feel like I would probably get more from the Steam Punk idea than the others and have decided to go with that. All year, I have been waiting to do a dystopian/post apocalyptic character that is based around scavenging and surviving in harsh climates. Something similar to Mad Max and Waterworld but obviously not the same. I think the Steam Punk option should provide me with the ability to do that.

But anyway, for now I have started a project working on a Deadpool character based on the actual comics rather than the film version. I started with the head but have run into a few problems of which I need to sort out since the look I want is one where Deadpool retains the original comic feel but seems believable. I also tried my hand out at Zbrush and am pleased with the result despite the poly count. I will upload these once I have my computer running again as it seems to dislike Zbrush and crash. I will try and keep this posted and hope for some positive feedback.