Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Gears Of War 2
I must confess, I was bored during the weekend and decided to go round to Flat-19 (the flat above mine). We usually hang around up there seeing as it’s a bigger flat and the three who live there (Ben, Steve and Chris) are really good friends of mine. As many of you probably know, Gears of War 2 came out last Friday on the 7th of November. A friend of mine, Matt Thomas bought the game on the day. He spent most of the weekend playing it at Flat-19. So when I was bored I went there and found the copy lying there, seeing as we all share games anyway I decided to start a new game on a different file and see how far I could go. I love Gears and finished the first game on insane mode, so I started on hardcore (insane wasn’t unlocked). Eight hours later I completed it and felt so bad seeing as Matt hadn’t finished it, so I do apologize.

I do have to say that Gears lived up to its hype. I had bought Fable 2 two weeks before and thought it was a bit of a let down. What I felt was promised was not fulfilled. A new, larger range of weapons and clothing was supposed to have been included but I have only found the generic weapons and four full sets of clothing. I also found that there weren’t any new bosses in this version compared to the enemies in the last. I am hoping that the new fable will be better and have more to do in terms of fighting, I am fed up of fighting Hobbes all the time. Coming back to Gears of War, the storyline to the game has carried through well and is very engaging. The second game has fully matured and reached a new level that borders realism. The characters have individual story lines that make you care and Dom is finally a better AI companion, although he still runs straight into your line of fire.

Looking at the way the game ended, I am hoping that the film is going to go through and be as good as the games. I know there’s a large debate on game movies and movie to games. So far there hasn’t been a good transition between the two. Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butchers Bay has been the only successful movie to game so far and I suppose some would say that the Lara Croft movies were successful as well, but generally the two don’t seem to work. Look at Doom if you really want to compare. Gears of War looks like it will be the game that will break the transition between film and games. Seeing as Cliff Bleszenski is the executive producer for the film as well as being game designer for Gears, I think this time the film will take the game in consideration and follow the game path. Resident Evil is a good example of a movie franchise that does not follow the game franchise and although it was ok, it ruined the story. All in all I hope that the future Gears film brings as much success as the games. I will now leave saying play Gears of War it is amazing. I will now finally eat and play Horde on Gears of War 2.

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