Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Vehicle Project

As part of the second project for last term, i decided to create the Shelby 1967 gt500 aka. "Eleanor". The brief was to create a 9000 tri vehicle in both damaged and normal state. Here's a quick render of the normal version of the vehicle.


Aby Bagulay said...

Love it!? ^^

Slaney said...

Nice work, I would say you have enough tris to round the hooks off on the front. They stick out a little bit. Also ramp up the spec a bit on the body, get some differentiation between the materials. It also allows you to put some dirt detailing through the spec map. There isn't much diff between the surface properties of the fine/damage states on the textures.

They are nice packed texture pages, good use of the space. The car has alot of character and good form, you chose well, and some damn fine execution!