Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The Run Down!!! begin, as of late i have been working on a group project for uni. It is a time on the course when all the previous learning is properly tested and the first time artists work together. The project in mind is to re-design a current university building into a survival horror based on resident evil.

My role within the group has been "The Unreal Guy". The job...basically making the shell of the level and importing all the assets, textures and lighting. In layman's terms, putting everything together. Being the first time we get to use unreal, i was eager to get my hands on it, to learn all that i can. It has been a struggle every now and then but has always left me with joy of success in the end. Since the start of the project i have been filled with ideas (most of which are crazy) in how to make the most of the engine and task in hand. I have enjoyed the constant drive i get to ensure that the project runs smooth and looks good. Unreal has allowed me to consider the direction i could go in, in terms of jobs within the industry. Setting up levels has been something i have enjoyed a lot and found to be right up my street.

i am now looking forward to my third year and the ideas for my FMP. I have so many thoughts i hope not to get too carried away by.

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