Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Wheelie Bin Mad!!!

Render of low poly wheelie bin in max using new presentation techniques. need to attempt with a high poly model of something as well. Wheelie bin was just under 600 tris (being the limit) with one 1024x1024 diffuse texture sheet (only), also used Headus UV unwrap for the first time to help create the UV's. I can say i absolutely love that program, very user friendly and does the job in half the time.


Michael Powell said...

nice, i'd drop the background to maybe a 30% grey gradient fill or lighter though

Slaney said...

Good Job. A nice, tidy end result. The good thing about these kinds of assets, is that any street scene can house them: asset reuse is a great thing! Keep it up

Yogi Bear said...

Thanks, will take the backgound gradient down. good thing is that the background can be alpha'd out due to file format. a trick i never considered before.