Friday, 22 May 2009

Deadpool Work

Well I've been working on this model for a bit. It's been interesting seeing as its based off a comic book design. I was trying to get it to look as realistic as possible but still with the comic feel.

This is the head of the character with colours added (NO TEXTURES AT THE MOMENT) in render view.

The wire frame version with statistics...

And finally the Z-brush version. This was my first time using Z-Brush so no doubt there will be mistakes I may have made and ways to improve my technique but I am pleased with the result.

I was going for a realistic movie kind of feel for the Z-Brush model. Will get them both textured and mite do the body for the 3DS MAX version. Will keep you posted on progress. Crits are fully accepted.


Anonymous said...

did you make this from a box yogi deres some mad triangles...and messy topology.

have a look at some peoples wires online.

Yogi Bear said...

That was the problem with this one coz i started with a cylinder to try summit different. It started going all crazy that's why I've now just left it as a z-brush model instead. It threw me of with the mask, need to learn how to effectively make it. Thanks for the advice though Greg, much appreciated.