Friday, 27 March 2009

Long road to…well I’m only a third of my way there yet

It feels like the first couple of weeks as I came to uni but its hard to believe that I’ve been here a while now. I came here to learn and better my skills in my chosen subject, that being an art based subject. I chose the subject since it involved key skills I wanted to develop. I was looking to learn how to do 3D modeling along with texturing. I could have picked this up from a course on 3D modeling or several animation courses but found that the course I was on was one of the only courses that included development of visual design and digital art at the time. I am pleased with the course at the moment since the key skills I wanted to develop are being developed but the bonus has to be the ethos behind the way the course is set out. The teaching is focused on game art along with furthering skills in key artistic areas such as enhancing skills in traditional media and sculpting. I have always tried to delve into different styles of art using different mediums. I never really thought of how simple it was to just pick up a pen and paper or any medium and just create. I always drew for a purpose and if the outcome was bad I threw it away. It’s a shame it has taken me a while to realize that true art is drawing what you see. It is what is around you in everyday life and using that to help create new ideas. So far it has opened my eyes to the possibilities of success in this industry as long as there is a drive, vision and freedom. I say freedom to finally justify my understanding of knowledge and life. Knowledge is up to the individuals who praise it, there is no point in learning things that will never interest you as an individual but striving to learn that which you want to learn. That is not to say that things you have learnt or do not care for are not important. They still play a part of life that overall, influence the decisions we make. I suppose that is the wonderful thing about university, there is so much to learn and do that everyday changes us in some small way or another. I look forward to next year although I Do Not want to look at it that way. For me next year is exactly like tomorrow where I will still carry on working, only difference is that there will be a slight structure.

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Del "D-Y-D" said...

i wonder if you can hold on to this optimism until the bitter end