Sunday, 5 October 2008

Behind Pwning Noobs Online...

Blog....Well this is my first blog so not used to the concept. I would never have thought that I would be writing a blog. I’ve always been a more forward, face to face person and therefore I conveyed all my thoughts and opinions in person. I hope I can treat this more as if I were talking to a person rather than someone reading my thoughts. One way conversations feel like a dark cave that traps an innocent explorer and forces his emotions to spill out. I feel that I’m already creating a slight negative vibe towards the blog concept, so I guess I’ll start with who I am. I’m a first year Game Art student at De Montfort University. I think that explains a bit about me. I like art and video games, well that’s not all. As I’m sure all creative people are, I like things to do with culture, the arts, media and society as a whole. I prefer to draw and illustrate rather than to write. That’s why I’m not comfortable with blogs just yet. I like to be open and appreciate new experiences. The course i study seems to fulfil those desires.
The reason I’m writing this blog is because of my course. I was told that blogging would be an ideal replacement for essays. I suppose it’s to do with the overall personality of people who do a course like Game Art. I can’t imagine any arty gamers to like essays, they feel more like a chore. I will be posting more of these every week. Mainly to do with games and pwning noobs coz that’s just great. I think that’s all for now, got to go get hammered and play some halo.

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